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Blo | Blow Dry Bar

D2 created a birthday campaign to target Blo’s leads from their Facebook ads. Only women living within 5-10 miles of the store where Blo had a birthday in that month were able to receive the birthday ad.

Leads2,171  Reach: 78,134

Digital marketing is the best affordable technique to advertise today.


Social Media Content Posting

Your social media content can make your brand a household name, and build loyal fans who will eventually become loyal customers. You can’t just post whenever you want, this kind of impact requires a solid social media strategy. You can stand out on social media by identifying specific goals and creating valuable posts that reflect your brand voice. This will allow you to measure your success and adjust your strategy over time.

Your SEO can also be affected by social media as it plays a role in the success of your website’s organic search engine results. Local SEO can be affected by social media in many ways, including personalization, brand awareness and site engagement. Profile ranging is also an option.

Follow the people. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They are part of your local community and know other members. They can help spread your message through word of mouth. You can build a community by engaging with them through social media content.


Reach larger audiences for less money than traditional media outlets like radio, television and print.


Digital Advertising

With so many options online, people are consuming social media more than ever. The days of “appointment television” are over. The only thing people watch live is sports and the news, although live news ratings get lower every year. Many people are turning to social media to get their news and weather when they want it!

Digital Ads are cost effective and targeted. You can also track your ROI much more effectively, because you know exactly how many people saw your ad, clicked on the ad and converted into sales.

Are you unable to attend that expensive trade show where your ideal customers will be? If you can’t attend, you can geofence the conference, delivering ads to all of the attendees during the event through social media! You might be thinking, how does this work? You actually draw an electronic line around the building where the conference is taking place and deliver ads to anyone at the conference that gets on their Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube during the event! You can then have a pixel on the landing page of your ad and capture the event attendee’s IP address and follow them online with ads after the event!