3 Lessons From Mia Fleming On The Do It My Way Podcast

Recently, D2 founder Deedra Determan hosted Mia Fleming on the Do It My Way podcast. Mia is an award-winning journalist, author, event host, and founder of the Hello Good Life tour.

Mia Fleming, a renowned TV host with a captivating personality and a strong journalistic background, has left an indelible mark on the broadcasting world over her decade-long career. Mia’s curiosity for sharing people’s stories led her to dive headfirst into television, where she quickly became a trusted and versatile journalist. But success didn’t equate to fulfillment for Mia, prompting her to make the bold decision to explore life beyond her comfort zone and leave her previous career behind. 

During the height of the pandemic, Mia embarked on a remarkable journey called the “GOOD Life List.” These TV segments are part of her Hello GOOD Life with Mia! brand, encouraging viewers to live life to the fullest by embracing new adventures and experiences. 

Mia’s authenticity and relatability shine whether she’s on live television or interacting with her audience on social media. Beyond her career, Mia actively supports charitable causes, which aligns with her mission to make a positive impact on the world.

Mia Fleming’s story is one of resilience, transformation, and a commitment to inspiring others to live their own “GOOD” lives. With her magnetic personality, infectious energy, and dedication to meaningful storytelling, she continues to connect with audiences from all over the world! 

Here are three takeaways from Deedra’s conversation with Mia Fleming! 

  • Having a successful career doesn’t necessarily mean you will be feel fulfilled. 

Leaving her job in news was a pivotal moment for Mia, and her story is one that we can all learn something from. News is a super demanding industry, and 10-12 hour workdays are the norm. Mia started to sense that maybe she was meant for more than her just her television career. She felt like she was dimming her light by sacrificing her passion for human connection and positivity for the relentless demands and serious nature of the news industry. One Sunday, as she was about to go on air, she had an epiphany — she was not only blocking her potential blessings by being in that job, she was also preventing someone else’s dreams from coming true who might truly want the job Mia had. 

She learned that sometimes, staying in a position that doesn’t align with what you really want in life can block your path to greatness, as well as the opportunities you could be sharing with the world. Ultimately, granting herself permission to pursue a more fulfilling life opened amazing doors for Mia and helped get her to where she is today.

  • When you take the leap to become an entrepreneur, you need to shift your mindset. 

When Mia transitioned from corporate life to entrepreneurial life, she needed a significant mindset shift. Working in the news, she was used to a collaborative team environment, which provided a sense of camaraderie. But starting the entrepreneurial journey meant she had to be OK with working alone, especially in the early days. She learned that even when outside circumstances were out of her control, the one thing she could control was her mindset. Mia shifted her perspective, and instead of focusing on all of the things she was lacking, she focused on all the things that she did have and was grateful for. When things get tough, Mia said to remember that you’re operating inside of an answered prayer — when you were working a 9-5 job, this was the life you dreamed of! So, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and of all the things you have now that you have more freedom, like the ability to set your own schedule and spend more time with loved ones. 

  • Find the right mentor. 

Finding a mentor to guide you on your journey is so important! Mia believes that those who claim to have achieved success entirely on their own are an exception rather than the rule. 

In the age of social media platforms like LinkedIn, it’s easier to connect with individuals you admire than ever. However, Mia advised against simply asking, “Will you be my mentor?” Recognizing that high-level individuals might have tight schedules, she recommended taking a specific and purposeful approach. Seek out mentors who could help solve specific problems rather than pursuing a mentor just because you admire them. And see if you can make it mutually beneficial — is there something you excel at that you can offer them help with? 

Mia offered so much knowledge in her interview with Deedra.

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