Think social media is just….social? Think again.

Studies have shown that 81% of consumers’ purchasing choices are influenced by social media.

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By providing a consistent and strategic content posting strategy from D2 Branding, all campus social media channels have seen a massive growth in engagement and community with quarterly growth in the 1000% increase range.

There are several options when it comes to digital advertising.

You DO NOT have to use every social platform. If your audience is women ages 25-54, Facebook and Instagram may be all you need. If you need to target wealthy professionals who have the means to make a big purchase for their company, LinkedIn is your preferred platform. You have to know where YOUR target audience is and OWN IT!

Let us create a customized digital marketing plan based on your budget and marketing goals. 


Facebook/Instagram advertising is the most efficient way to reach an audience at a low cost per lead. Digital advertising can reach a wide range of people, for less money than traditional advertising. Putting a commercial on TV costs thousands of dollars and you can’t target a specific group of people or truly know how many people are influenced by it. With digital advertising, you can capture someone’s IP address and follow them online to target (and retarget) them with your ad. On average, someone needs to see an advertisement 7 to 11 times to be influenced. If a 30-year-old woman is scrolling on Instagram and sees an ad for a dress, she may subconsciously think, “that’s a cute dress,” and keep scrolling. Next time she is scrolling through Instagram, she sees that dress again and thinks “I’m going to a wedding next month, I need a dress.” After a few more times of seeing that ad, the woman will likely click on the ad and buy the dress. You need to put your product or service in front of your audience’s faces several times in order for them to act on it. The beauty of digital advertising is you can target a specific demographic. For example, if you are a small boutique in Dallas, you can target your ads to 15 to 45-year-old women in the Dallas metro. You can even set the radius, because you have to consider how far someone would travel for your product or service. Maybe you are a boutique selling products online. Then, you are able to target the entire U.S. or the world if your budget allows. At D2 Branding, we can target an audience for you based on age, sex, geographic area, likes, dislikes and more! Once your audience engages with your ad, we are able to retarget them until they buy. Digital marketing is the future of advertising. You have to adapt and be willing to grow with industry changes. If you are marketing like you did five years ago, your competitors have already passed you by.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Its users are primarily professionals, business owners and decision-makers. LinkedIn knows a lot about a person. It knows where they live, where they went to school, their skills, what they do for work and what they’ve done in the past. This means you can target your ideal person quickly and easily. People on LinkedIn are business professionals. They are more likely to have the money to buy your product or service than the average person online. LinkedIn is also great for B2B (business-to-business) marketing. Your company can target other companies and their decision makers who are part of making purchasing decisions. Users span across the globe, giving you the opportunity to reach an international audience. LinkedIn makes it easy to track the performance of your ads to optimize your campaigns to improve your ROI. At D2 Branding, we have had great success landing clients on Linkedin using consistent content posting, messaging and advertising campaigns.


TikTok has over one billion active users every day. It is the fastest growing social media app right now. Since it is the newest, everyone has the opportunity to “go viral,” because the app creators are just trying to get as many people using the app as possible. Videos that do best on TikTok are short and grab your attention immediately. You can pose a question that someone relates to and wants to know the answer to. There are trends and popular music and sounds to use to create entertaining videos for people to consume. It is the perfect place to create brand awareness in a quick and fun way. What makes TikTok unique is you don’t have to have followers to get views. A user’s feed is curated based on their interests and videos they interact with. This means TikTok is already doing the work to promote your content to a relevant and interested audience. Once you establish your brand and connect with an audience, you can put money behind it and know your ads are targeting the right group.