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Hey, this is Deedra Determan, I am obsessed with all things marketing starting my career in media working for a large corporation. I remember sitting in countless meetings listening to executives talk about things that needed to change, BUT they never did.


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Paula Marshall has been the CEO of Tulsa-based international food manufacturer, Bama Companies, Inc. since 1990. Paula explains how she started as a line worker and now leads a global empire with a completely different business model. 

Stay at home mom, Teresa Gawey, wanted to find her passion after raising kids. She noticed a need for yoga in the Tulsa community, took a risk, and opened the unique SALT Yoga, focused on inclusivity and fun!

Lifestyle photographer, Amy Herndon, explains how she started her business at the perfect time when her style was rare and Instagram was just becoming popular. She shares how to stay relevant in industries that are constantly evolving.

My Story

Like most working moms, I worked my tail off. I had the dream job traveling the country making a six figure salary but everything stopped when I had my son who was born 12 weeks early!

How would I balance traveling for work and taking care of him? I knew this was a PIVOTAL moment in my life. What If I could just do it my way?

I was no tech girl, but I did know marketing, so I created a niche website for moms that grew to 100,000 moms through the power of Facebook! I sold that website after only one year…I FINALLY DID IT MY WAY!

After seeing the power of digital marketing, I decided to start a digital marketing agency, creating a 7-figure business in only 9 months!

Maybe you are a CEO ready to take that leap OR you’re an entrepreneur listening to all of the pressure from those around you….

I’m Deedra Determan and this is the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!

I’m going to help you navigate making money on your terms with no regrets, hesitation or fear!


Deedra, I loved the first episode of your podcast. Thank you for saying I need to do it my way. I was struggling to do what others wanted me to do thinking they knew better because this was their “field” or these were the experts and I was new to the field and even though it went against something on the inside of me. Now I have learned to listen to the still small voice inside and I make sure now that I’m doing it my way. Yes!! Thank you for giving me permission. That is the only way going forward. Even if I am met with resistance. I must be true to myself!


 – Jolly

Thanks for your podcast! Your positive and take action leadership is a gift! I appreciate all I learned from you starting out, and  its fun to get your advice again in this way.


– Rachel
I have to say that I am SO THANKFUL that I took the leap and reached out to Deedra to sign up for the 5 day challenge. My life will never be the same and I can envision being successful and hitting all of my goals. When I wake up to another dreaded 8-5pm day, I remember that it will soon be a distant memory and I’ll get to “do it my way!
– Michelle
Big congrats on your podcast! I am constantly baffled how you handle so much, so successfully, and still with such a wonderful/humble attitude. You are such an inspiration to me in my career and life.
– Chris