5 Habits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

When you study successful entrepreneurs, you’ll find there are several things they all have in common that set them up for success each day. It’s the small disciplined things you do every day that add up and make you successful.

I came up with a list of 5 habits that I see thriving entrepreneurs do every day. 

1: They start their day with a morning routine and stick to it.

This means waking up at the same time every morning and setting yourself up for a successful day, whatever that looks like for you. One thing I like to do is set my intentions for the day and write down the three big things I need to accomplish. Once I check the big three off my list, I feel so accomplished and can take on any smaller tasks  stress-free. I also like to wake my brain up in the morning by working out or going for a short walk. Starting your day with movement will give you energy as you go into your morning! It’s all about starting your day off on the right foot consistently. You’ll feel more put-together as you tackle whatever’s on your plate.

2: They take care of their bodies.

For most successful entrepreneurs, eating well and exercising are a must. Working out can help relieve stress from the work day and prevent you from feeling sluggish after putting in long hours on the job. Successful entrepreneurs also drink plenty of water and limit alcohol during the week so they can be at their best every day. Additionally, they prioritize sleep, because a well-rested body and mind are what allow you to keep working hard and come up with new ideas. Something I do to ensure I’m eating healthy meals is giving myself time to meal prep, so I’m not tempted to get fast food or order takeout when I’m too tired to cook.  How are you doing on your exercise routine, your nutrition and your sleep habits? Set aside time this week to prioritize your mental and physical health!

3: They are always learning new things.

All successful entrepreneurs know that there’s always room to improve and learn new things. They crave success and learn new ways of operating their business all the time. I’m in constant pursuit of how to operate D2 as efficiently as possible, get new clients, retain current clients and expand our offerings. The world of marketing changes so quickly, if you don’t adapt and change with it, you could fall behind. Do you spend time learning new things in your industry and studying mentors who are where you want to be? Make time each week to learn something new!

4: They are self-motivated.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t need someone looking over their shoulders or patting them on the back to make something happen. They do hard work when no one is looking. No one sees the long hours or sleepless nights it takes to get their company up and running. But when you’re doing what you love and are making a difference in the world, it won’t seem like work. If you’re an entrepreneur who struggles with self-motivation, you should invest in a business coach who can help you set goals and hold you accountable. Coaches will see things that you can’t see in your business and can guide you when you need support.

5: They are willing to take risks.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t always play it safe. They operate off the principle that it’s better to make decisions quickly and take action rather than dwelling on a decision for months or doing nothing. Launching your own business is a huge risk in itself, but there’s no better reward than being your own boss, working the hours you want to work and making the money you want to make. It’s so satisfying, but you can’t get there without taking some risks. Are there things holding you back because you’re overthinking them and not taking action? What risks should you take today to be successful in your business?

If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, adopt these five habits and watch how these small, disciplined actions can turn into big successes over time.

Deedra Determan, Founder

Deedra Determan started her career working in television for one of the top media companies in the country and later became a marketing consultant in the television industry.

Determan went on to launch a niche website for moms in her local market with over 100,000 moms visiting the website each month using the power of Facebook. After one year from launching, Determan sold the website to Oklahoma Media Company, Griffin Communications. Determan went on to launch a digital marketing agency, D2 Branding – Tulsa SEO, Marketing, and Website Design that was recently recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur360.

Determan is the host of the Do It My Way Podcast Show, empowering women business owners and CEO’s to do business on their terms with no regrets, hesitation or fear. Determan coaches these women on how to create a personal brand so they can live a life of financial freedom, working when they want to work and making the money they want to make!