5 Ways Digital Marketing Has Made Small Businesses Grow

Unlike big corporations that commit big budgets in marketing, small businesses have to make do with small budgets. Effective use of that budget is not an option for them. The capital outlay required for direct mail, TV, radio, and newspaper ads is out of reach of most startups. Digital marketing provides an easy way out. Here are the benefits of online marketing campaigns.

Cost Effectiveness

The amount of investment does not matter much; what matters most are the returns that you get for that financial commitment. The cost of winning new business through an online ad campaign is small when compared to all other methods. The cost of planning and executing campaigns is modest, and the campaigns can last a lifetime. Once you have an online ad, such as a video on social media sites, it will stay there forever unless you delete it.


Sometimes your campaign may not hit the required target. In such a case, you may want to change it. Digital methods make it possible to change an entire campaign by making just a few adjustments. If you did not like the media you used, you could revamp them instantly. For a small business, this is important because every dollar matters.

If you need to cancel radio or TV adverts in the middle of the campaign, scripts have to be re-written, and the whole production process goes to waste. Further, digital media allows you to combine images, videos, texts, and audios in one campaign, something that other methods cannot accommodate.

Personalization and Targeting of Adverts

The average shopper is online. Smartphones, computers and other smart gadgets make it possible for people to stay online all the time. If someone is not online through the computer at work, he or she is online on his or her iPad or phone. Using online profiles, one can make targeted adverts that will focus exclusively on the profile that you want. You can target business, individuals, events, etc.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

About 2 billion people use Facebook every month; Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and many other sites command billions of users, too. All these users are buying items online. In fact, most of them start all their buying decisions online. It makes sense to use these free online channels to reach out to as many people as possible. A single song on YouTube has raked 5.2 billion views — “Despacito”. Some tweets have had up to 100 million impressions. All these show you just how explosive social media is when it comes to putting your business out there.

Tracking and Automation

It is common practice to study the effect of your business decisions. One way of doing that is through tracking. If you invest $100 in social media marketing, you have to study the overall effect on the sales volumes. Digital marketing allows you to automate both the marketing and tracking of results. You don’t have to look at the numbers manually. You can combine various online tools to track your progress, which makes online advertising an invaluable business tool.


Many other benefits of this business marketing strategy exist. It is up to you to take advantage of the various channels that digital marketing brings to you.

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