Better Business After Covid-19? We Think YES!

Better Business After Covid-19? We Think YES!

There are two reactions from people during a crisis. You either adapt to the change or bury your head waiting for it to go away. Fight or flight! You can create momentum in a crisis with your business if you change your mindset!

At D2 Branding, we have always had the capability to work remotely and last year we implemented “Fridays work from home” with no problems. With the COVID crisis, we are now all at home and work is extremely productive. It has forced us to refine our communications cadence even more. We do a daily 15- minute zoom huddle just to check in every morning. This forces employees to get up, shower and be ready for the day by 8:45am. It also creates camaraderie between the group as we all go around giving our “wins” from yesterday and the big three things we will accomplish today. We have learned more about each other having these daily zoom calls than we ever did in the office because we were so busy going from meeting to meeting and often didn’t stop to just check in and see how everyone was doing.

It has forced us to improve our communication with clients as well. We now zoom for every meeting and before any advertising campaign or website launches, we hold a zoom meeting with the entire team and the client to go over what was accomplished and what will happen next. Clients are becoming more familiar with our processes and establishing relationships beyond the top leaders, which is a great thing!

Ironically, many of our clients who are thriving right now are not the ones we would have thought would come out on top during this crisis. A restaurant we have worked with for years has had their best weekends ever doing take out only! We have gotten creative with their specials using Facebook Live, text messaging and email marketing to get the word out. Over 70% of the credit cards they have swiped have been completely new customers! With dining rooms being closed, record sales are an amazing accomplishment!

We also have a client that has a beauty/skincare line that is sold online and in high end spas around the world. Doesn’t seem overly “essential” so we weren’t sure how this would do in these trying times. Last week, they had 24x return on their ad spend on Facebook and Instagram ads! Yes, you read that right…24 times! The most we have ever gotten them was 10x their return before the crisis which was crazy good! We were handling their United States and New Zealand campaigns and now have added Australia after seeing these incredible results.

What has happened during this crisis to make your business better? We could have buried our head in the sand when in a matter of three days, we lost 30% of our revenue as medical clients put their advertising on hold. It was a scary time, but we did not miss a beat! We diligently helped those clients for no charge during this time because we knew they would be back! We added new markets, businesses we had never gone after but knew they needed us during this time!

We were forced to improve our processes, perfect our systems to make it smooth on everyone. We were forced to be efficient at home as we balance family and work life. We were forced to over communicate with each other and our clients as we could no longer meet in person.

This time has been great reflection for us as a company. There is so much appreciation for each other as we have worked diligently days, nights, and weekends to keep the company afloat. We will no longer take for granted all of the little things personally or professionally! We are stronger because of this crisis. And we truly believe no matter what obstacle comes our way, we will not only make it through, but we will come out better because of it!