marketing sheet

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please add all contact info you would like included. Name, Phone, Address, Email, Website, Fax etc.
Who are you, what does your company do? Example: D2 Branding is a digital marketing firm that ignites your brand to increase your profit.
What makes you different from your competitors? What is your purple cow that makes you stand out? Example: D2 Branding has invested in the latest technology to get you leads online and business consulting to help you convert those leads to buyers while showing you a return on your marketing investment.
Have you won an award in your industry or services your area for the last 50 years? Example: D2 Branding was named an Entrepreneur360 company by Entrepreneur magazine for innovation, growth and leadership.
Explain how people work with you or hire you. Example: The D2 Process includes: Brand Evaluation, Strategize the Plan, Create the Assets, Market Your Product/Service, Consult on Sales Conversion, Show You Return on Your Investment
What product/service do you ou001eer? Example: D2 Branding offers business consulting, website design, digital marketing, graphic design, video production, content creation and affiliate marketing.
Example: For D2, we combat traditional media vs. digital media and show why it is more cost effective and will show you a return on your investment.
It is always better for someone else to brag about your company than for you to tell everyone how great you are in your industry. Please include here or past a link to an online folder
Please paste a link to an online folder we can access with your logos & photos. Example: Dropbox, Google Drive
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