ABg Tulsa


Affiliated Builders Group consist of Tulsa area residential home builders who represent the highest standard of residential construction centered around standard of excellence, financial integrity and live and work locally. Their goal is to bring together companies committed to reducing cost and increasing profits, providing a competitive edge over local competitors.

WEBSITE DESIGN | www.abgtulsa.com

The purpose of this website was to showcase the ABg Tulsa branch and the builders that are prt of the group in that area. Each builder has a page with a gallery of work and a contact form for inquiries. Video was incorporated to tell their brand story as well as to feature some of the builder’s work. A system was built so leads can be tracked as they come in for each builder.


To help drive traffic to ABG Tulsa’s new website, we ran a video views campaign for brand awareness. We directed consumers in the Tulsa and OKC area to the website from the brand story video. In addition, we ran a retargeting campaign of a testimonial video to help consumers get a feel for ABG’s work.


Brand Awareness Campaign – ThruPlays: 354,013, Cost Per Result: $0.02

Retargeting Testimonial Campaign* – ThruPlays: 28,469, Cost Per Result: $0.03 *Ongoing Campaign


Our Production team continues to work with ABG to capture completed homes from various builders who are members in Tulsa, as well as shoot testimonials to give an inside look at what ABG has done for them. 

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