Allie Saleh

“Working with Deedra and the D2 team has been an incredible journey in building our brand and coaching program. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in creating a powerful and impactful brand identity for our business. We highly recommend if given the opportunity anyone looking to build their brand should work with Deedra and D2! “

Allie Saleh

Owner, The Invested American & Allie Saleh Personal Brand


Allie Saleh is a business and financial consultant, sales expert, speaker, podcaster and founder of The Invested American insurance brokerage. Allie coaches people on finding freedom through success!


Allie Saleh’s goal was to develop a personal brand to launch his speaking and consulting business. Allie has been successfully selling insurance for years and has coached and mentored many people in the business to have success! It was time to take his skills, knowledge and expertise, brand it, and share it with the world.

Allie went through Deedra’s six month personal branding coaching program where we created the Allie Saleh Obsessed with Your Success brand that included a brand story, a speaking platform, podcast, website, and coaching program with his 6 step process to success. We also created upsells and downsells for his online sales funnel for lead generation to the program. Allie Saleh is Obsessed with Your Success and we were obsessed with helping him build this incredible brand!


To help bring Allie’s brand to life, we created a website that really showcases who Allie is and what he does! We incorporated video of him speaking, testimonials, his story and how he got started on becoming Obsessed with Your Success! The site is beautiful, professional and easy to use. Calls to action include an e-book download to develop leads and a start now prompt for potential clients who are interested to start with a free consultation.


We helped Allie Saleh stand out from the crowd by creating a unique logo that incorporates a visual representation of his 6 step process  – with steps to success! The logo is clean, professional and really shines with the color palette using gold and navy blue. 


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