Andy’s Frozen Custard has always been fanatical about custard, and has served it with pride since March 19, 1986. For more than three decades, only the freshest ingredients have been used for a frozen custard experience you can’t get anywhere else.


The goal was to build an email list, create engagement, brand awareness and to bring people into the business. We created a variety of campaigns using video and give aways to accomplish these goals. Five different campaigns ran for 45-90 days in targeted at various locations. The numbers speak for themselves!

Andy’s For A Year Giveaway

Results for Dallas Ad: Clicks: 7,567, Reach: 196,153, Impressions: 512,238,

Results for OKC Ad: Clicks: 4,178, Reach: 100,731, Impressions: 307,163,

Results for Tulsa Ad: Clicks: 5,300, Reach: 107,777, Impressions: 369,996,

Party Pack Giveaway

Results: Clicks: 1,792, Reach: 57,068, Impressions: 190,532,


Results: Leads: 3,625, Reach: 60,608, Impressions: 176,473,

Video Views for Brand Awareness

Results: Video Views: 161,033, Reach: 79,367, Impressions: 457,278,

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