B&C Barbecue is a well-known BBQ restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. Their slow-smoked, dry-rubbed, melt-off-the-bone meats have been perfected over two generations. Owner/Founder Carey Maurer developed his passion for Texas-style barbeque by watching his dad smoke meats on Fridays in the very same building where B&C BBQ currently serves up delicious, scratch-made dishes. In fact, 25 years ago Carey and his dad built the very smoker they still use today.


WEBSITE DESIGN | www.bbqwichita.com

B&C Barbecue is a well-known BBQ restaurant in Wichita, Kansas who had never had a website. Along comes the pandemic and they realize they need to have a platform for people to order online “to go” orders. D2 branded them as the go to BBQ place in town with beautiful pictures of their amazing food and a call to action to “Order Now.”

D2 branding developed the website, graphic design and copywriting to create an amazing online presence for their brand.



For B&C BBQ, we did a “Dinner for a Year” giveaway followed by a “One Time Offer” redeemable until the winner for the giveaway was announced. Our goal was to help drive new customers to the restaurant and build an email list to create repeat customers! 

Results: Leads: 2,900, Reach: 45,050, Cost per lead: $0.49

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