Clear-Tone Hearing Aids


Clear-tone is an established brand that has been in Tulsa since 1984. Before coming to D2, their advertising had consisted of traditional media, but they knew they needed to use digital marketing as a tool to reach additional audiences. D2 created a digital marketing plan, including Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization.


The Clear-tone logo was dated when they came to D2, and they were looking for a fresh new look for their brand. D2 cleaned up the font and icon in the original logo and simplified the look, as well as moved towards a brighter blue with lots of white and grey for a modern, clean look that works well in the medical industry. All logo file types were created for Clear-tone to use throughout the life of the company.

D2 developed a brand book for Clear-tone with specs for marketing and use of the new branding including copywriting for the brand voice, use of fonts, colors, brand mark usage information and advertising and photo style suggestions. This brand book allows for complete continuity in branding when used as a guide for all marketing and industry touch points.

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It is important in a brand refresh to update all of your marketing touch points across the board. Wherever a customer sees your logo, you want it to be represented professionally and with continuity. This builds trust in your brand through visual impact. D2 designed a variety of marketing materials for Clear-tone, including business cards, letterhead, postcards, brochures, and building signage.


D2 created a website for Clear-tone with a call to action to book a free hearing test. The goal of the website was to drive customers to book a free hearing test as well as be optimized on Google to start search engine optimization for key terms. Multiple landing pages were created so Clear-tone could track where traffic was coming from.


Clear-tone’s digital marketing plans started with giving away free hearing aids around the holidays. The goal was to build a list by collecting data from ideal and likely buyers (name, phone number, email) to re-market to, on an ongoing basis. Research shows it takes 7-11 times to get in front of a customer to get them to buy, so we are building a list and marketing to the list!


Clear-tone had never done any search engine optimization before coming to D2. The goal was to get to the top of Google for key terms in their industry, as they were missing out on hundreds of searches per month not being #1 – #5 on Google.

When D2 began working the campaign, the Clear-tone website did not rank at all for most keywords. Over the course of our SEO campaign, and as of March, 2022, we have achieved our primary goal of ranking for many keywords including our primary target keyword for “Tulsa hearing aids”. Our primary target keyword has hit page one of Google at the #1 position.

AdWords: Clear-tone launched a Google Ad Words campaign to see immediate results from Google searches.

RESULTS: The Clear-tone website is now ranking highly on Google due to D2 Branding’s SEO campaign making the website visible to well over 1,000 searches per month.


D2 produced the Clear-tone photos & video for their website, including their brand story and a variety of testimonial videos from customers. View all videos on the Clear-tone YouTube Channel.


D2 ignited the existing social media accounts for Clear-tone by creating brand-specific content that speaks directly to their target market and positions them as the experts in their industry. In just three months, we saw an average 3,500% increase in impressions across all platforms. 


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