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Community HigherEd is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) college, with a mission to transform lives and contribute to society by providing career-focused higher education opportunities to students to obtain successful employment, develop leadership skills, and serve their communities. This is achieved through active engagement, advocacy, fundraising and stewardship.

Community Higher Education includes Community Care College, Clary Sage College and Oklahoma Technical College. All are non-profit colleges located in Tulsa, OK offering programs to those wanting a career in specialized industries!



Delphi’s marketing materials consisted of several marketing sheets, a sales presentation, e-books, business cards and a speaking PR kit. The goal was to be consistent with the brand look across all platforms.


By providing a consistent and strategic content posting strategy from D2 Branding, all campus social media channels have seen a massive growth in engagement and community with quarterly growth in the 1000% increase range. 


We are currently running ads for all (3) colleges to highlight the programs they offer. Each ad is a lead generation to capture the prospect’s information. Below is the amount of leads we’ve captured since September 2022.

Oklahoma Tech: Leads: 303, Reach: 170,760, Impressions: 850,113, CPL: $46.57

Prior to D2 (Averages from 2019 – 2022) Leads: 669, CPL: $102.27

Community Care: Leads: 480, Reach: 113,633, Impressions: 724,349, CPL: $29.40

Prior to D2 (Averages from 2019 – 2022) Leads: 820, CPL: $177.89

Clary Sage: Leads: 796, Reach: 221,191, Impressions: 961,079, CPL: $17.73

Prior to D2 (Averages from 2019 – 2022) Leads: 195, CPL: $57.19


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