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Deanna Herrin


Deanna Herrin is a life coach helping other women achieve goals and “rewrite their stories” to become successful in all areas of their life. She hosts a weekly motivational podcast along with a blog and runs an online community supporting women.


The Deanna Herrin personal brand was developed through the D2 Branding Business Consulting over the course of 6 months. Deanna was able to define her goals, write her brand story, and streamline her brand voice through this intensive process focused on building a brand from the ground up. At the end of the process, Deanna was able to get clarity on her avatar, her offer, and a business plan to make her greatest impact and create a legacy business.

WEBSITE | www.deannaherrin.net

The goal of Deanna’s website was to bring people together and make them aware of her podcast, community and book. The website was developed to allow visitors to get to know Deanna by reading her story and finding out more about what she has to offer.

Results: The website incorporated a successful call to action as the main element of the site in order to build an email list that optimized Deanna’s marketing goals.


We launched a digital marketing campaign to grow Deanna’s Community called Deanna’s Diamonds and grow her following for the Deanna Herrin Podcast Show.


The logo was developed with a beautiful story in mind. Deanna has a tattoo that reminds her of her mother after she passed away. We incorporated the shape of her butterfly with a stylish muted color palette and a contemporary font to create a graceful yet strong logo that reflects who Deanna truly is.

To further solidify the continuity of Deanna’s brand, D2 developed her e-book layout, typeset her book, created her email newsletter.


Deanna went through our podcast coaching program that includes creating the outline, storyboard, niche audience, graphics, video as well as distribution on Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google and many more.



Deanna was able to tell her story and produce her podcast through the video production team at D2 Branding. Photography was completed in a professional studio and used for her website, social media and digital marketing. Check out Deanna’s YouTube Channel for all videos & podcasts. 


Content, Ad Design and Marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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