“I have been working with Deedra Determan and D2 Branding for the past year building my personal brand, creating my online consulting business, and launching my website and social media presence! Every week I know I am closer to my personal goals and Deedra and her team are key players in this journey! The meetings are always structured and focused on goals and results.

Deedra’s coaching has enabled me to create a problem-solving framework with all the teaching materials and launch my management consulting practice with clarity of purpose and vision.

Working with Deedra is one of the best things I have done with my time, energy, and resources! 500 stars!!!”

Adrienne Ramsay

Founder/CEO, Delphi Strategies



Delphi Strategies is a corporate management innovation and consulting firm for high technology organizations and start-ups. Delphi Strategies helps companies efficiently deploy resources against strategic problems by using our six step risk assessment process to optimize their investment.

*The Delphi Process saved clients over $500 million in mergers & acquisitions costs.
*In R&D portfolios, the Delphi Process identified risks saving clients $50 million.
*The Delphi Process identified $25 million worth of low performing R&D projects.
*The Delphi Process refined & developed a proposal to win a $2 billion satellite development project.



Delphi Strategies was a part of D2 Branding’s six month coaching program to launch their business and set them up for success. Business coaching consisted of six key areas including:

  1. Defining who Delphi Strategies is, what makes them different from their competition (X-Factor) and creating their brand story.
  2. Defining Delphi Strategies avatar, their ideal and likely client.
  3. Discovering the biggest problem that Delphi is solving for their clients.
  4. Creating the Delphi six step process
  5. Developing the Delphi coaching program/pricing structure
  6. Creating a strategic marketing plan
  7. Developing a speaking outline
  8. Developing a sales presentation and mastering sales conversion


WEBSITE | www.delphi-strategies.com

The goal of the Delphi Strategies website was to set Adrienne Ramsay up as a credible expert for consulting and speaking, highlight her proven client case studies, and offer a strong call to action with the “free consultation” as a lead capture. Illustrations and custom info graphics were created to match her brand and assist in conveying the information.



The Delphi Strategies logomark was created to function as a modern representation of the Oracle of Delphi. This oracle was rumored to have the ability to predict the future, thus allowing those who received her prophecies to better plan for future events. Like the oracle, Delphi Strategies aids organizations in assessing risk and planning for the future. The blue color palette was thoughtfully chosen to represent security, stability and reliability.



Delphi’s marketing materials consisted of several marketing sheets, a sales presentation, e-books, business cards and a speaking PR kit. The goal was to be consistent with the brand look across all platforms.


The goal with copywriting for Delphi was to flesh out brand’s voice and messaging to easily communicate who they are, what makes them different, and to highlight success stories.


D2 Branding’s social media marketing plan launched Delphi into the business world with a focus on only one platform: LinkedIn. The B2B structure of the platform allows Delphi Strategies to place themselves as the expert in their industry, connect with organizations, and share their knowledge with their peers. 


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