Gardener’s Touch experience spans from backyard gardening to farming one of the largest Hydro-Organic tomato farms in Oklahoma. Throughout the years they have experimented with all kinds of products in an attempt to grow and produce the heartiest, healthiest plants and crops possible. As farmers they have always adhered to the highest standards of farming regulations, which has them constantly searching for the best, most efficient ways to irrigate, fertilize, and harvest their plants and crops. Gardener’s Touch products are all USDA Organic Listed and OMRI Listed meaning they do everything you want and need them to do while also being the safest choice for the environment, plants, pets and people.

WEBSITE DESIGN | www.gardeners-touch.com

Gardener’s Touch is a new brand, so D2 coached them through a branding session on exactly who they wanted the brand to be, the target audience they were going after and the biggest call to action they wanted on their website.

D2 advised them to offer their products online through an e-commerce platform to maximize sales around the country. D2 branded Gardener’s Touch as the go to for farmers and home gardeners so they can eliminate and control pests and get rid of mold and mildew yielding clean, hearty crops and plants.


The logo and branding style was developed for this company to be clean, simple and direct. A blue & green color scheme was combined with plant leaf design elements and clean fonts to portray the simplicity and advantage to using their product.


Business cards & packaging labels were produced for Gardener’s Touch marketing using a striking green/blue gradient to portray adding the product to water for clean plant growth. Similar design elements were also repeated on their website for brand continuity.



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