Thank you again, Deedra, for always believing in us. We are so appreciative of your vision, your incredible passion and helping others see their potential and value.
Mandi & Jordan


OTG is lifestyle brand dreamt up by two best friends with a shared passion for living life to the full. Full of strength. Full of confidence. Full of power. Full of capability. Full of laughter. Full of fire.


OTG went through our Personal Branding Bootcamp and discovered the products they were selling were just a portion of the potential revenue model. We created an entire brand, Girls Off the Grid, that included their apparel and most importantly, a community of like minded women around the world empowering them to be confident and life a life full of laughter and fire. Girls Off the Grid private Facebook group grew to 1,500 loyal fans in 30 days! Launching during a pandemic was ideal as many women were looking for connections online to help them get through their difficult times in life.

OTG got clarity on their avatar, their tribe’s name, the content they would be pushing out and a business plan that included an ascension model starting from a FREE private Facebook group to an online paid coaching model as well as revenue as an affiliate/ambassador for brands.


The goal of the OTG website was to brand the girls as a “girlfriend in your pocket” you can swap stories and share advice with online + create an e-commerce website to sell their gear.


OTG had a studio shoot for their branding pictures and an outdoor lifestyle shoot featuring their products for their website and social media. The goal of the photo shoots was to portray the girls as fun, fit girlfriends that other women would look up to and want to join their tribe.


D2 consulted OTG on creating Girls Off the Grid Podcast Show for their community as a lead magnet to grow their private Facebook group and become an additional revenue stream for them.


D2 conducted a digital marketing campaign on Facebook + Instagram to bring ladies to their private Facebook group + sell their clothing line.

Results:  Leads: 1,500 in 30 days

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