We have been clients of D2 for 2 years. D2 has been instrumental in the Growth of our companies. They have helped us with our sales, marketing, and SEO efforts. We went from nearly nonexistent on google to be highly ranked. They have added revenue and ideas to our company. I highly recommend them.

Aaron Talton & Ryan Lefler

Owners, Brucke Flooring & Reset Restoration


Reset Restoration specializes in water damage repair, fire and smoke damage, mold remediation and removal, storm damage cleanup, rebuilding, remodeling, and reconstruction services.

WEBSITE UPDATE | www.resetrestoration.com

The existing website was built on an older web platform and not user friendly for updates or security. D2 was able to take their existing content and migrate it to a more flexible platform as well as making various updates to the site. This allowed Reset to really make amazing progress with their SEO and online branding.


Because of D2 Branding SEO Services, the Reset Restoration website currently has over 40 keywords in the top 3 positions on Google organic search results, Over 83 keywords ranking for Google mobile search results, and over 21 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions on Google local search results. This traction on Google has resulted in their #1 referral source.


The goal of consulting for Reset Restoration was to establish systems and processes to work efficiently as well as roll out a Plumber Referral Program to increase revenue. We also implemented the 5 Core Functions of a Business (Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Close, Delivery, Upsell/Retention).

Results: Reset kicked off their Plumber Program establishing relationships with local plumbers to refer business to them. Their sales are increasing daily with their consistent efforts.


The goal of the Reset Restoration video was to create a funny, memorable video to create a sense of urgency to call Reset if you have a flood in your home.


Content design and marketing for Facebook and Instagram. Content posting allows for images, videos and keywords to be used consistently to convey information to a loyal following as well as to boost SEO and online presence in a Google Search. 

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