John Knox, DO is a Psychiatry and Addiction Specialist in San Diego, California. John Knox, the Rock Star Doc, loves rock music and his calling is to help rock stars and individuals regain control of their lives and return to productive functioning in family, life, purpose and society.

Using a biopsychosociospiritual model, he tailors treatment and recovery to the individual needs of each person through the combination of cutting-edge science, evidence-based medicine, spirituality and compassion.

WEBSITE DESIGN | www.therockstardoc.com

D2 branded John Knox as the Rock Star Doc, the expert for rock stars that need addiction treatment as well as a credible speaker in the industry. D2 created his branding, graphic design, and copywriting for the website.


John Knox went through a six month personal branding coaching program developing his personal brand online as the Rock Star Doc, developing his ideal avatar by niching down to “rock stars”, creating an online coaching program, packaging it and pricing it for individuals with addiction to create time freedom and financial freedom in his life.


D2 created Facebook + Instagram pages for Dr. Knox to have a social media presence and start getting the word out about his services. Posting 3x a week with professional copywriting and graphic design. 

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