Velencia is a unique, reclaimed apartment space restored for preferred living in the heart of Tulsa’s historic Maple Ridge neighborhood. All of the floor plans seamlessly blend clean lines and open concepts with delicately preserved original 1932 building and architectural features. 


The Velencia logo was designed to reflect the unique style of the project and infuse modern living with historical elements. Colors and fonts were chosen to accentuate the interior accents of the building and thought was given to use of the logo in all mediums from social media to signage. This graceful logo represents Velencia’s unique flare.

WEBSITE | www.velencia.com

The goal of the Velencia website was to attract people to want to live in one of these beautifully restored, spacious, one-bedroom studios overlooking downtown Tulsa. The call to action was to invite potential residents to apply for a living space online.

Results: The website displays the unique, reclaimed space while making navigation to apply simple and easy. They were able to set up tours online through their website to book out the units. Photo galleries of the complex and surrounding attractions, are focal points of this user-friendly site.

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