Z66 Auto Auction

“We have had the pleasure of working with Deedra and her D2 team for almost a year now. We originally reached out to them for a website overhaul, since then they have helped with digital marketing ads and video production – the best crew you will find. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. We couldn’t have picked a better team to work with!”

Sarah Lambeth

Online Sales Director at Z66, Z66 Auto Auction


Z66 Auto Auction is the largest auto dealer auction in Oklahoma selling over 1,000 cars every week. Z66 just celebrated their 10 year anniversary serving auto dealers from around the country.

WEBSITE DESIGN | www.z66aa.com

Z66 Auto Auction’s website was designed with a video header so you know right away that they are Oklahoma’s largest auto dealer auction and you can see the volume of cars they sell. The goal of the website is to tell their brand story, showcase testimonials and provide an online portal for auto dealers to login to see the cars available for auction each week. We worked with their team to integrate the client portal seamlessly with the front end of their website.


Prior to big events Z66 is offering, we will help spread the word by running video ad campaigns to car dealerships in the target area. Our goal is to run engagement ads to help gain awareness of attendance for the event. 


Anniversary Ad: Run Time: 14 days, Engagement: 2,000+, Cost Per Result: $0.20

4th of July Sale Ad: Run Time: 7 days, Engagements–  1,700+ , Cost Per Result: $0.30, ThruPlays: 41,393, Cost Per Result: $0.01



D2 put together a PR campaign for Z66 Auto Auction’s 10 Year Anniversary by encouraging them to pick a charity to give back to celebrate. Z66 Auto Auction gave $10 for every car sold and ended up donating $22,715 to teh Ronald McDonald House in Tulsa.  Z66 Auto Auction celebrated their 10 year anniversary by giving back families in need.

The Ronald McDonald House helps families with seriously ill children receiving medical care in Tulsa area hospitals. D2’s camera crew was on hand to campture this amazing event  and also created a press release and contacted local news stations to cover the event.

Watch the story on Fox23…


The brand story video showcases the culture at Z66, which is that they care about their people, their dealers and everyone who walks through the door. The drone footage really captures the volume of cars they sell every week in a fun atmosphere! The testimonial videos are a great third party endorsement of their business and the people that work at Z66! 

In addition to adding videos to their website, we set up a YouTube Channel for Z66 so their videos can gain traction and be viewed by a larger audience.

Visit the Z66 YouTube channel...

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