Search Engine Optimization and Your 2021 Digital Marketing Mix

Understanding your consumers online journey is essential when planning your 2021 digital marketing mix. Out of necessity during the worldwide COVID pandemic, consumers turned to online resources more than ever before to meet all of their needs. From ordering groceries, meal delivery, and take-out, to scheduling curbside pick-ups for everything from home improvement to athletic gear…while the world stayed home, they ordered online, which means they first searched online.

According to research done by McKinsey, “Over 75% of U.S. consumers have changed shopping behavior and changed to new brands during the COVID-19 pandemic. The top three reasons for shopping for a new brand were value, availability and convenience.”

This shocking conversion percent means one thing for you and your business: Now, more than ever, you HAVE to invest in digital marketing, and focus heavily on SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is the current reality: 85% of people search Google before they make a buying decision. So what does that mean for you and your company? It means you need to put in the work to get to the top of Google. SEO is one of the most important components of any modern marketing mix, because when a consumer Googles a keyword relating to your products or services, the customer has already made up their mind that they want what you have to offer…they just don’t know about YOU yet if you’re website is not ranking on page one on search engines!

This is where another component of your digital marketing mix comes in, because it’s what supports your SEO: content marketing.

By now you’ve surely noticed how Google pulls universal search results for you in multiple formats on one results page. For every term you search on Google, you’re served relevant images, shopping results, videos, articles and web pages all satisfying your keyword search term.

Now consider this: What if YOUR company continually produced quality multimedia content in the above categories?

Let’s consider an example. If you’re a restaurant owner you likely photograph your menu items. By producing original images that include your company’s branding, have keywords in the file names, are optimized for web page load speeds, and are tagged with the correct metadata, you’re doing the good work for SEO. Google and other search engines use all of these things in its algorithms to produce search results.

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Content Creation Through Video Marketing

Another SEO booster is video. Research suggests that 62% of universal search results contain video. If your company starts a Youtube channel and produces videos with strong CTA’s directing people back to your website, you’ve now captured them.

Then, if your website is optimized for SEO and contains the aforementioned relevant content and backlinks (and more of them/higher value ones than your competitors), your website will come to the top of relevant Google searches and potential customers will click the link to your site for more information. If your website has a good conversion rate, the lead is captured!

Any strategic content you contribute online helps Google direct searchers to YOUR company. Whether its social media content, your Youtube channel, or your website, once people FIND you online they have the opportunity to interact with your brand, which means new leads and sales.

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