Tulsa Business Coach

Are You Searching for a Business Coach in Tulsa?

D2 Branding’s business coaching in Tulsa:

Call our Tulsa office today at (918) 520-8012 and let our  professional business coaches assist you in your efforts to meet your business goals. If you feel that your Tulsa business isn’t growing to meet it’s full potential, our business coaches help our clients create helpful business strategies, build leadership skills, and focus on several areas that will help you improve your brand and ultimately your ROI.

define your brand

add revenue streams

Retain customers


Victor Whitmore

The goal of business consulting was to establish Victor as one of the top real estate investing experts in the country. 



D2 Branding’s business coaches will assist you with the following concepts:

  • Mindset – Understand the attitude of an entrepreneur and what it takes to create the growth mindset to reach your financial goals.
  • Clarity – Bring clarity to your brand (who you are, why you are doing this, how you will make money) to create an impactful business.
  • Your Offer – Define who your audience is and what you are offering as the “hook” to get them in. You need to solve a problem they have.
  • Ascension Model – Examine the products/services you will offer and how you will ascend customers up the ladder to retain, upsell, and resell them.
  • Branding – Refine your brand story that resonates with your audience, as well as create your assets (logo, website, video, photography, online sales funnels, ad campaigns).
  • Business Plan – Build a business plan to show return on your investment, profit, and scaling!
  • Accountability – You will have a one-on-one coach with you the entire way.

You will meet once a week and have action steps to reach your financial goals.