Website Design Tips for 2019

Website design in 2019 is more than just search engine optimization (SEO), it is about user experience (UX). Your website should include beautiful-looking design, with a user friendly experience. These details will separate which sites rank from those who are wannabes.

But websites are more than just how they look. Websites must also include a branded message that users can emotionally identify with and become loyal to your brand. By using website design, you can achieve this. Through branding visuals and thoughtful keyword messaging is how you will build your tribe and sell your product or service.

What are the top 25 website design tips for 2019?

User Experience

Always consider the user when making any sort of updates or changes to your website. UX should always be your priority. Is your site’s web design clean and easy to navigate? Can the customer easily find what they are looking for, including search and a buy button. Keep tweaking your site in order to improve the user experience. This will make Google notice and this should increase your SEO ranking, making it easier for new customers to find you.

Diagonal Lines

Because of how a website visually appears on mobile, wide, graphic, diagonal lines are now a big part of website design. This creates visual separation between pages or website topics. Diagonal lines also create separate focus areas for browsers to stop and check out.

Because responsive design makes your site one endless scroll, adding diagonal lines means that your web viewers will not not feel that there is a single endless site. When they scroll down and see the separations, they can easily spot what they are looking for and take action.

Color Branding

Instead of choosing one or two colors for your site, you may choose to brand your products with distinctive, bold colors. By choosing a single color for each of your product or product types, you are subconsciously creating an organizational tool for your customer. If they are looking further into your site for more information or other products, the color branding is a subliminal code that they are in the right area.

White Space

While color can be a big part of website design, big areas of white space can also help emphasize color branding and keywords. White space is also considered more elegant and refined, giving your brand a professional, upscale look. White space helps with viewers who are overwhelmed with decision fatigue. The material that is presented looks more organized, and the viewer knows where to look.

Branded Keywords

The look and visual marketing of your brand through color and design are just part of your website design branding. Creating branded keywords is also a must for your product or service. These branded keywords are especially important if you are emphasizing them through the visual tool of white space in your website design.

Branded keywords will distinguish and separate you from your competitors. Compare your keywords from your top competitors. Next, check Google or other sites where you conduct your keyword searches. Then identity what branded keywords are missing from your website. Make sure that you consider words that give your brand authority and demonstrates expertise. Your SEO will also benefit as Google looks for branded keywords in determining who are brand experts.

Expanded Footer

Footers have experienced a change, thanks to website development. Besides information on your organization, including contact info, you can use some clever website design motifs to make your footer stand out.

Consider an infographic or a bold shape of color with branded keywords, statistics or interesting information on your product or service that you offer. Your footer can offer an opportunity to help your viewer get to know your business. This is an opportunity to show that there are people behind the website, and they are there to help the customer achieve their goal or satisfy a need.

3D Illustrations

Animated illustrations and 3D illustrations are an emerging website design trend that is taking off in 2019. These sorts of design elements offer website development opportunities to allow customers to interact with your website, and offer an emotional connection.

Animation can visually illustrate what your product or service can do. This visually pleasing design aesthetic is a modern way to demonstrate products that may otherwise be difficult to visually showcase.

Directional Changes

One of the top 2019 website design trends is breaking up the traditional newspaper style setup. Offering such choices as vertical scrolling or setting up text in a non-traditional way is going to capture the eye of the website viewer. Use circular shapes in vibrant colors. Mold text around those shapes for striking graphics and valuable information.

Voice Searches

As more and more homes now include Alexa, Google Home or Siri, there is currently a larger need to consider voice searches and voice commands in your website development. Voice searches means you need to consider natural voice commands when creating material. You may first need to consider what questions will be asked when customers are searching for the type of product or service your provide.

Take those types of questions that potential viewers will ask and create content. Not sure what customers are asking? Check your social media pages, or your competition’s page and create content based on the questions people ask.


Responsive Design needs to be a given in 2019. Nearly half of all local Google searches are on mobile, so making your website design mobile friendly is now a requirement.

Bold, Concise Titles

Hand in hand with responsive design are bolder, shorter blog titles because short titles visually look better on mobile. This website development also packs a powerful punch when a short title is blazoned across the page in a bold color. This is effective website design that can solidify your branding statement, and create an emotional connection with your customer.

Keywords Placement In Titles

The most SEO friendly website development is to place keywords closer to the beginning of the title. Thoughtfully consider your branding keywords, product keywords and main keywords and use them in all of your titles.

Keyword Placement In Subtitles

In considering website development, always consider placing keywords in subtitles. These subtitles should be in a larger font than the rest of the text, showing organization and hierarchy. This is a website design technique that will help viewers find what they are seeking, making this a better user experience.


Video is on the increase, especially with mobile. Curating and producing videos that relate to your brand and content will ultimately increase your ranking on Google and website traffic. Use every opportunity to include video in blogs. Consider video options for articles to replace reading, and watch your site rank.

Site Speed

If your website is slow, your potential customers will leave and head towards your competitors before they get to view your content. Nor do you want your perfectly produced videos to wallow in a slow moving oblivion. Worst of all, a slow moving site means that your Google ranking will suffer from the the drop rate.

Speed issues can range from your website provider to making sure your photos are compressed. Even old code can adversely affect your site. This is generally an easy fix. Talk with your webmaster and internet provider to ensure that you have maximum speed on your site. You do not want to turn away potential customers.


Create a FAQ page that answers potential customer’s questions about you and your product or service. This will help you rank better and increase website traffic. Be sure to include your main keywords that your customers are looking for in searches.



Bold graphics should be part of your website development strategy. Graphics help the viewers easily navigate your site. Graphics can be an extension of your branding or it can be part of your intentional website design.

Informative Infographics

Website development should also include creating unique, branded infographics. You want to demonstrate that your site is the credible expert in a product or service. An informative infographic will have two or three bold colors and a striking design that takes an important concept or idea and makes it simpler for customers or the media.

One additional benefit of informative infographics is that this can be shared on social media. Make your valuable infographic a major part of your social media campaign, label it with your website information and proudly share this infographic. Should this infographic go viral, this will establish your site’s authority on your subject. Don’t be surprised if publications ask to use your infographic, further establish your product authority.

Offer Less Choices

When discussing website development, consider offering less choices for your viewers. Too many choices on a topic or product can be overwhelming. Making sure your web design reduces multiple choices into bite sized pieces by using drop down menus, or even an abbreviated list of choices will help keep your customer on the site and closer to closing the deal.

Visual Grid

Visual grids are a way for website design to organize a lot of information on a webpage and compartmentalize this information into major sub topics. While this resembles old style newspaper design, you can use website development strategies such as color and graphics to highlight different parts of the grid that the viewer selects.


Broader Keywords

Your website design goal is to create a spiderweb of information on a topic. By starting out with broad keywords, you can create header pages with the broader keyword and link all of the smaller keywords articles to the header page.

This highway of keywords running back and forth to the header page establishes your site’s authority and helps your site rank on Google. This is because you are sharing a lot of useful and accurate information. You have established your site as a trustworthy authority. Google wants to create a database of the best information, and being intentional in your keywords and internal links will help demonstrate you know everything about your brand.

Press Releases for Backlink Gold

Getting backlinks is one of the toughest tasks for a brand. One of the most effective ways of garnering backlinks is to send out press releases on a new product, service or event. This allows respected media sources to write about the subject of your press release and link to your site.

The goal is to get a cornucopia of trustworthy sites to link to your website. These backlinks are gold and help you establish yourself as an expert and continue to rank. This is also an opportunity to use a branded infographic. This can visually enhance your press release and give the other sites a visual to include in their story about your press release information.


One of your top website development strategies is to earn trust from your customers and within your industry. This means that you have backlinks from quality, organic sources. This means that your website is fast, and is mobile friendly, offering a first rate user experience. Make sure you are up to date with voice queries and video, as well as visual graphics and color coded branding.

Trustworthiness means that your content is always current and complete. You have considered all keywords and customer questions. You provide accurate information that answers customer questions, or potential customer questions. Trustworthiness means that your first priority is your customer, and Google will reward you for this.


More Than Google

Although Google has been the main algorithm that has concerned website development and website design, Alexa and Siri are rapidly becoming players in determining SEO. Because of the home devices, and vocal search inquiries, natural language is increasingly important for SEO results. Now that there are more devices, the natural language influence will continue to influence your SEO ranking.

Website Development Matters

When updating your website for 2019 always remember that website development means that your organization is continuously working on your web design. Thoughtful website design will improve your SEO and Google will reward you with a higher spot on the search engines. Google rewards websites whose user experience is the top priority. They want authoritative sites that are professional and give accurate and easy to find information to viewers.

With that in mind, thoughtfully begin your website development and watch your numbers soar.

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