Why Great Website Design Matters

Website design and website development have both rapidly evolved during the past decade. Long gone are the days of traditional website design layouts crafted using only basic HTML and CSS. Today, responsive and mobile-friendly designs are a must and many websites utilize one-page designs or CMS solutions such as WordPress to present products, services, and content. If you are currently thinking of launching a website of your own, there are a few website design tips to keep in mind before sharing your website with your followers and the rest of the world.

Why Good Website Design Matters

When you have a website for your business, brand, or even a specific cause or topic you are passionate about, you only have one opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on your visitors and prospective customers. Good website design and proper website development are essential elements of building an online presence, especially as users are often bombarded with professional advertisements and marketing campaigns throughout their days with the use of social media and searching the web. Creating a good website design is a must if you truly want your site’s content to stand out while attracting new visitors.

A website that appears well-made with a professional website design also appears more reputable and legitimate, especially for visitors who are unfamiliar with your website’s purpose or is unsure about making a purchase from you. The more professional and aesthetically pleasing your website design is to your visitors, the easier it becomes to gain their trust and to motivate them to make a purchase from you.

If an individual visits a site and notices the website design is outdated, low-quality, or simply not fitting for the website’s purpose, they are likely to seek out an alternative source for the information, products, or services they are interested in. With only one opportunity to leave a lasting and positive reputation, ensure your website design and website development is up to today’s programming and design standards.

Typography in Web Design

Typography plays a major role in website design, especially if you have a logo that uses text to showcase your brand’s name or purpose. Work together with a graphic designer to ensure your website’s logo is reflective of your site’s purpose and the type of audience you want to reach. Special typography should always be easy to read, even for those who are browsing using their smartphones, tablet devices, and smaller web browsers.

Using Professional Photography, Graphics, and Illustrations in Web Design

With any website, using professional photography, graphics, and illustrations goes a long way, especially if you are building a website to represent a brand new business or online entity. Consider the aesthetic you want to implement into your website and why it is important for you to use a specific color scheme or theme to reach your audience. Determine the age range, gender, and even the location of the users you want to reach based on the content you plan to share or the type of products and services you are offering. Seek out professional photography, graphics, and illustrations using paid services or by hiring a professional to help facilitate the process.

Avoid using outdated, grainy, or irrelevant imagery on your website to prevent users from disliking your overall online presence. If one of your visitors does not feel that your web site’s design is reflective of its content and the products you offer, they are less likely to refer it to others or make a purchase themselves while browsing.

Website Navigation Tips

Navigation is a fundamental element of building any website, even if you choose to implement a one-page design for your site’s purpose. When a new user arrives on a website, they immediately search for ways to navigate the site. If your navigation is not visible or accessible, visitors will simply seek an alternate source for the content or products they are interested in.

Navigation sections should always remain “above the fold”, meaning above the top half of a web site’s layout, regardless of the layout design style you choose to use. Consider whether a horizontal or vertical navigation section is best for your website based on the number of pages you intend to share within your navigation tree. Drop down menus and hidden navigation trees are also a way to include more pages within your website’s design without overcrowding your page or ruining the overall look and feel of your chosen layout.

It is also imperative to consider how your navigation section will appear for those who choose to access your website using their smartphones or tablet devices. Is your website properly programmed and formatted to work well with other browsers aside from default browsers such as Internet Explorer? Be sure to account for those browsing your website using Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or their iOS/Android browser of choice.

The Importance of Proper Website Development

One of the biggest elements involved in building a successful website includes proper website development. Without proper website development, you run the risk of turning visitors away due to long loading times or a layout that is simply inaccessible for those browsing using their smartphones or tablet devices. A website that is properly developed will appear the same across all screens and browsers, ensuring the best possible viewing experience for your visitors and prospective followers or customers.

Work together with a website development agency or professional who understands how to properly code a website while staying updated with the latest trends in website design. Website development is more than just formatting one page, especially if you are interested in building an eCommerce storefront, an online community for your visitors, or even a portfolio area to showcase your own work and abilities. With the right website development company or professional, gain peace of mind knowing that your website design will work just as you intended once it is live and online.

Responsive web design

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Design

When it comes to developing a website, it is imperative to keep mobile-friendly and responsive design as a top priority. Each year, more users turn to their smartphones and tablet devices to browse over traditional desktop and laptop solutions. Implementing responsive and mobile-friendly design is a must when you want to maximize your online reach and ability to attract new visitors, followers, and loyal customers.

If a website is not developed with mobile and tablet users in mind, you run the risk of increasing your site’s overall bounce rate while missing out on potential opportunities to gain new fans and followers. A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit a website’s homepage (os specific landing page) while leaving immediately after. Oftentimes, websites with bounce rates that are over 50% are typically poorly programmed, too difficult to navigate, or they simply appear outdated and untrustworthy. Ensuring your website is up to today’s modern programming and design standards can drastically improve your odds of achieving success.

Marketing, Website Design, and Website Development

Marketing is a major aspect of creating, launching, and growing a website. Without marketing, it can feel nearly impossible as you attempt to spread the word of your website using only your blog and the content you publish. Implementing the right digital marketing campaigns and strategies can help you gain the exposure necessary to build a following of loyal users, fans, and shoppers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is another marketing tactic that is extremely useful for website owners who want to maximize their online reach and the amount of exposure they are capable of generating. With social media, it has become easier than ever to reach a target audience based on demographics, allowing individual entrepreneurs and large business owners the opportunity to truly reach users who have a genuine interest in learning more about their website, business, or brand.

Social media integration is possible by utilizing various tools and scripts online that promote sharing content, articles, and entire pages of your website to social media platforms themselves. If you are extremely adamant on using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, consider installing a fresh copy of the most popular and free CMS (Content Management System), WordPress.

Integrating Google Marketing Tools and Services

Use Google marketing tools and services such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics to gain valuable insight into your marketing efforts as well as the responses of your visitors each time they access your website. Google AdWords is a platform that is optimal for those who want to implement PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing into their overall digital strategy. Launch multiple campaigns simultaneously with Google AdWords while also sticking to any budget you have set in place. Use A/B testing to determine which type of language and messaging works best to share information, products, and services with the audience you want to reach.

Integrate Google Analytics into your website with a traditional code or with a plugin designed for a CMS solution such as WordPress. Using Google Analytics is extremely beneficial as it provides an in-depth overview of the behavior of your visitors as well as the content that is most in-demand and popular on your site at all times. Keep track of visitors, bounce rates, and your most successful content in real-time with Google Analytics.

AI Chatbots and the Future of AR Technology

AI chatbots and AR (Augmented Reality) technology are on the rise, both in traditional tech industries as well as on the internet. Using an AI chatbot on your website is a great way to stand out from your competition while using today’s technology to improve the quality of customer service you are able to offer to those who want to learn more about your business or your website’s purpose.

An AI chatbot is extremely useful for those who are interested in answering their visitor’s questions but simply do not have the time or resources to do so manually for each user that is interested in asking a question or inquiring about a product. Programming AI chatbots has become easier than ever with various services and solutions on the market, making it possible for even those who are unfamiliar with technology and website development themselves.

AR, or Augmented Reality technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the tech industry, for both gamers and businesses alike. Augmented Reality involves sharing technology with visitors through the use of their smartphones and tablet devices. Some companies may allow users to take photos of a specific piece of furniture in their home, followed by presenting them with tools to edit the furniture, change its color, or switch its material automatically in hopes of making a sale for their own furniture or upholstery store. Getting creative with augmented reality is likely to become a common trend in the next few years to come as virtual reality becomes a top priority for technologists.

Test Your Website Before Going Live

Testing your website is essential before launching it live and sharing your website’s URL via social media, Google, and other online networking communities or website directories. Always test your website using different browsers, screen resolutions, and devices such as tablets and mobile smartphones.

Test your website using both Apple and Android devices to ensure that your website loads similarly on any screen. There are multiple testing services online that provide you with the opportunity to test a website instantly on all browsers without doing the work manually on your own. To save time, sign up for a trustworthy testing service before you launch your website and begin sharing it with others. Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression when building a website and online presence for any purpose or cause.

Creating a great website design with proper website development does not have to feel impossible, even if you are unfamiliar with programming and professional design yourself. With the right tips and an understanding of the latest website design, marketing, and website development trends, build a website that is attractive, relevant, and one that leaves a lasting impression on all of its visitors.

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